Partying with a Purpose

by Crystal Johnson

As we cautiously, yet excitedly, enter back into “normal” socialization, we all know that things are still going to be different.

Face masks are now requirements in many cities and states, hand sanitizer is the latest hot commodity and hugs & handshakes are replaced with waves and head nods. And through all the changes – here we are; celebrating birthdays, engagements, babies and more! For those who are thinking about planning small gatherings, here are some tips on throwing a safe party without compromising the fun.

(1) No more “grab-n-go”…

Reduce contact amongst guests and yourself by providing an individualized, custom set-up.

Many casual parties require grab-n-serve. There’s a table set up with a stack of plates, stack of napkins and utensils laying around for everyone to grab and serve themselves. In current times, serving should allow guests to take only what’s meant for them and eliminate the need to touch items they won’t use.

We mostly see this in formal settings — table settings when we’re really fancy. But with today’s events, fancy can meet causal! Just try setting out materials for each guest: a plate  with 1-2 napkins, a cup and set of utensils. Safe serving!

(2) BYO….

As you invite your close family & friends, ways to reduce contact with party guests are to request they BYO, “bring your own..”.

Many of us are familiar with BYOB parties, which are mostly meant to help lighten the load of party costs while sharing your favorite spirits with guests. However, BYO parties can now mean so much more.

For example, when throwing a children’s party, you could say BYOC “bring your own crayons”. You can plan a coloring activity during your 3-year old’s party where each child would have their picture to color; instead of sharing crayons, ask parents to BYOC to avoid little fingers from excessive touching and sharing.

Grown-up parties: we can and should stick with BYOB “bring your own bottle” ..or bag, but no sharing! So bring smaller, personalized spirits or your favorite bag of snacks to enjoy throughout the celebration!

(3) Goodie bags BEFORE the party…

Goodie bags and party favors are typically given at the end of the party thanking guests for their attendance and showing support. Put a spin on this and provide guests with favors as they arrive: a small bottle of hand sanitizer and face mask says “Thank You” in many ways.

Another party favor idea: photo booths are popular now but instead of sharing the props, have your guest Take One or Two they would like to use for their photo-op and encourage them to keep the prop! It eliminates sharing and doubles as a favor!

Contact The Party Case today to help you get the party started, whether that’s creating your very own goodie bags, planning your BYOC party, creating a custom case with place settings… the sky is the limit!


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