Think Outside The Box

by Ashley Greene

Hey Party Case Tribe!

Okay, so by now we have pretty much gotten used to the ”new” normal! And I’m officially calling it our ”next” normal!

Now that we’re in the next normal, we are slowly becoming virtual experts; from work to social hours! I think it’s time to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Literally, we have been limited on how we can celebrate parties and various social gatherings and now we can change how it’s done!

The Party Case understands that the world is slowly adjusting as it re-opens but these celebrations will not stop – we just have to be responsible! I have some fun options for socially distant gatherings to ensure you remain compliant with your local guidances:

Outside Party
When hosting a kids’ party, don’t limit yourself to a virtual party and a drive-by, but consider:

* Plan Backyard extravaganza with hula hoops, beach umbrellas, painter’s tape, or cones to create zones for the kids
* You can use these items and to ensure kids and parents stay at a safe distance!
* Provide a number to match each zone and include it with the invitation or provide upon arrival

Don’t limit the fun! Just be mindful of their safety!

Backyard Movie Night
Think about the drive-in, but with portable camping chairs!

* Get RSVP List Ready
* BYOCP (Bring Your Own Chair & Popcorn)
* Section your backyard to allow your invited guests to gather and enjoy a night of fun, safely!
* You can even get a small projector and screen to really set the mood.

Remember to silence your phones and wear your masks!

Afternoon Date
Who said you can’t date during COVID?

* Either order from your favorite takeout or cook (whatever you prefer)
* Grab two blankets/masks
* Go to your favorite park and enjoy each other’s face-to-face company.

Love has no limits! Make Safe Memories!

Parking Lot Happy Hour
Okay Ladies & Guys!!! Do you miss your people? I know I do!

* Hop in the car and meet up!
* Park and grab your portable chair
* Grab your drink (1)
* Catch up and decompress!!
* No COVID Talk!!

Be responsible and Reclaim your time!

I know this may be new, but I must ask… Have you tried it for yourself? Remember, time waits for no one! Let’s get out (within reason… of course) and remember to enjoy the people who make up your world!

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