What we're gonna do is take it back. Way back!

*scratches needle* Because you’re probably wondering how we got here… Well, we’re best friends and have been since Fall 2004. As we maneuvered through the traditional roommate selection process as Freshmen at North Carolina Central University (we LOVE our HBCU!), with all of the luck in the world, were paired with each other. We have been inseparable through 3 kids, a marriage, 3 non-profits, and 2 business partnerships and still laugh like it’s 2004 (cuts to Living Single… no wait, Golden Girls)!

Our passion to have fun helping others has always been the foundation of our friendship, and The Party Case allows us to do just that. 

As loving Moms, we found ourselves always planning a birthday parties and play dates; and as besties, we’ve been charged with planning birthday getaways, bridal showers and a wedding! Can you tell that we’re event planners at heart? After launching professional event planning company, Love Is, we realized three things:

        1.  Our services were limited by location.
        2.  Time was of the essence.
        3.  Saving a dollar meant a lot.

And thus, The Party Case was born — a party planning product that can reach doorsteps anywhere. 

Our mission at The Party Case is to curate quality collections for parties that customers can assemble, style and enjoy with effortless execution.

Each favor and essential, down to the item and color, has been carefully selected and design by us for endless enjoyment by you — our Tribe.

We hope you enjoy our labor of love!


Masters of Assembly, Curators of Style, Confetti Rockstars, Purveyors of Fun.